The problem…

In 2018, a well known British luxury brand made headlines for burning £28 million worth of unsold stock.

Overstock is an industry wide problem caused by pushing products to market based on best guesses and forecasting.

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Instead of guessing, our community decides what we produce, while creative designers profit from their art.


Curated creatives submit design ideas to be printed on fabric for our boutique shirts.

The Cutso community vote for their favourite designs.

The most popular are made available in limited batches for pre-order.


We’re building a community of likeminded individuals who are no longer willing to turn a blind eye to the negative impact fashion brands are having on the world.

It starts by paying skilled adults a living wage to print, cut & sew our shirts, in Northern Italy, while providing a fair commission for outstanding creative artwork.

We’re currently recruiting designers and conscious early adopters who want to help shape a better world. If you like what you’ve read, add your email in the box below to join us.