Meet Fred.

Fred likes nice things.

He rides a BMW R nineT motorcycle and drinks locally brewed craft beer.

Fred would rather pay for good sushi than suffer through cheap fast food.

He understands that quality comes at a price.

When it comes to his clothes, Fred isn’t interested in fast fashion or logos.

He wants quality.

So, he’s happy to throw down £200 on a quality pair of selvedge denim jeans, because he knows that “if you buy cheap, you buy twice”.

Plus, Fred has a conscience. Could well paid adults really have made that £19 jacket?

Then Fred found Cutso crowdsourcing club.

Cutso learned about Fred’s style preferences, then linked him up with a group of likeminded men.

Fred’s group crowdsourced a small run of Japanese Selvedge denim jeans and paid wholesale (£85) instead of retail (£200).

They even got updates from the manufacturer as their jeans were being made.

Be like Fred.